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Gilbert  George 2015. Image courtesy Gilbert  George_ (002)

Lecture Gilbert & George

Thursday 24 January 2019 – 12:00 → 13:00

Gilbert & George, in conversation with Michael Bracewell

BEL – Brussels  Environment auditorium (Tour & Taxis)


The famous British duo is the Guest of Honour of BRAFA (the Brussels Art Fair), which will take place at Tour & Taxis from 26 January till 3 February 2019.

Art for all’ is the belief that underpins Gilbert & George’s art.

Gilbert & George began creating art together in 1967 when they met at St Martins School of Art, and from the beginning, in their films and ‘LIVING SCULPTURE’ they appeared as figures in their own art. The artists believe that everything is potential subject matter for their art, and they have always addressed social issues, taboos and artistic conventions. Implicit in their art is the idea that an artist’s sacrifice and personal investment is a necessary condition of art. They have depicted themselves as naked figures in their own pictures, recasting the male nude as something vulnerable and fragile rather than as a potent figure of strength. The backdrop and inspiration for much of their art is the East End of London where Gilbert & George have lived and created art for nearly 50 years. From street signs to Ginkgo trees, from chewing gum stains on the pavements to vistas of urban grandeur and decay, their work is both an ongoing portrait of a city and a reflection on the human condition. Gilbert & George have confronted many of the fundamental issues of existence: sex, religion, corruption, violence, hope, fear, racial tension, patriotism, addiction and death. 

‘Our subject matter is the world. It is pain. Pain. Just to hear the world turning is pain, isn’t it? Totally, every day, every second. Our inspiration is all those people alive today on the planet, the desert, the jungle, the cities. We are interested in the human person, the complexity of life.’

In this conversation (in English) with Gilbert & George, author Michael Bracewell talks about their ‘life in art’, creative process, the evolution of imagery in their pictures, and how their art aims to seduce the viewer with visual power.



Thursday 24 January 2019, 12:00 → 13:00.


Auditorium Brussels Environment – IBGE

Tour & Taxis – avenue du Port, 86c

1000 Brussels




Please note this is a ticketed event and tickets must be bought online (if still available, additional tickets may be on sale at the venue on Thursday 24 January but strictly on a ‘first come first served basis’).

Price: 8,50 EUR p.p. Special ‘Early Birds’ rate : 6,50 EUR in place of 8,50 EUR for the first 100 tickets.


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